first WEEK sessionS - free (AFTER SCHOOL SESSIONs only)

2022 -  cheers to you! 
cox's bay pavilion & park


kidzshout Youth Club... Has been successfully operating as a cool out-of-school youth club for over 6 years.


In 2022 we have relocated and  enhanced our club changing venue, now based at Cox's Bay pavilion and park.  With all the additional features that the park facilities offer, there is only broader and bigger activities for the kidzshout kids to enjoy.  Scootering, sports fields, cycling, basket ball, BBQ's creek walks, a great space for imaginative and game play, and the kidzshout kitchen is always open!


We are a community club, a place, and space that your kid will just love to be involved in. We are renowned for our youthful, fun, engaging approach providing a platform for the kids to develop through free play, engaging activities, game play, and projects. 


We promote our club as a youth club, open to all,  and encourage kids to just join us on a one-off and casual basis.  So come along to break the monotony of the school day, come to kidzshout, for a tonne of fun & make new friends!

 Ages up to 14 years.



The Mission Statement for kidzshout, revolves wholly around the ability our children have to communicate effectively, artistically, when managed in a fun, free, guided and supportive environment.  From this, the learning process, will focus on individual, team initiated game play, life skills and projects whilst ensure their safety and well-being, will not to promote conformity at the expense of “understanding” nor promote “leadership”.  It's just about a tonne of fun for your kid!