Booking Agreement general terms and conditions:
The kidzshout Youth Club is a privately owned service provider but with a big community heart, soul, and focus on the truest and happiest time we can make for your kids!
Please ensure that all communication is via e-mail for any initial booking arrangements.
Otherwise, text communication is required, this is so there is a clear communication structure for changes to bookings, requests, and otherwise.
kidzshout Youth Club will endeavor to reply to all requests in a prompt manner; within the day of information requested.
Placement requirements.
Must be notified in advance and will be secured per week/term unless otherwise requested, booked by you on a casual basis.
Your kid is invited to a free session at the kidzshout Youth Club to check out how awesome the club is, to secure a place call, Jenny, on 0274290010 or contact me via the contact form on this site - click here!
When your booking is made using the online booking tool Enrolmy/kidzshout an automatic confirmation will be generated.  An invoice will be sent via our accounts system at the end of each week's attendance and payment is due within 3 days.
Permanent Placements.
Classified as 3 days per week each week or a term recurring booking if less; 1-2 days only if booked throughout the term.  
Refund: For any non-attendance half the fee is retained in order to keep the placement secured.  However, this space may be given to a casual booking request from 9 am on the day of attendance. 
Any other bookings on a casual 1-2 days booked ad hoc are classed as casual and do not qualify for any refund.
Casual bookings.
Are welcome, subject to availability. The requirement is to give as much notice as possible so that kidzshout can arrange the correct ratios, in accordance with professional service operational guidelines; the safety of your kid!
Activity $14  - is to cater to those that have committed activities and only require a short session attendance.
These are non-refundable if canceled.
Activity 14 is a session between 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm can be booked on a casual basis.
This can be a great option for a safety check for your kids between school and their activity or early pick up around your day's schedule.
This session includes afternoon tea.
Cheaper rates may be available for families that introduce other kids to the club; new business.  A flat fee of $15.00 will be offered if 3 days a week as a minimum is booked.
TEXT the kidzshout Youth Club cell number prior to 9 am on the day of attendance; 027 429 0010. Half fees refunded before 9 am cancelation, no refund after 9 am cancelation, please note only confirmed term bookings apply for refunds. 
TEXT communication is preferred so a written record of the reason for absentee is recorded, in writing for the purpose of the carer and kidzshout.
Daily Sign In/Out.
An enrolment check will be made every club session and absentees will be followed up by text communication so that a record is made of the communication process.  The kidzshout Youth Club can only be responsible to notify an absent child and it is the responsibility of the carer to confirm the whereabouts of the child.
The planning of team members and resources is of paramount importance.  kidzshout Youth Club has adopted the new online booking process in order to keep the management of this key operational factor as high priority and for planning the term ahead.
Any permanent bookings; must be canceled by giving 10 working days notice, in advance.  20% fees are invoiced for any sessions booked, for any non-attendance. 
Suspension of sessions - long-term e.g. holidays 
Must be advised 2 weeks prior to session suspension and a 20% reserve fee applies for any sessions applicable.
Swap sessions:
May apply in any week as long as notified 2 days in advance - at the sole discretion of the kidzshout Youth Club. 
No Late Fees.
Please contact the club for any late pick up's and arrangements will be made for the collection of your child, we just ask for reasonable communication!
Outstanding payments/non-payments. 
Terms of Service:
All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue funds including but not limited to debt recovery charges and fees may be added to the balance of your account.
On confirmation of permanent placements, an invoice will be sent at the end of each week's attendance and must be paid within 3 days.
WINZ clients. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. The kidzshout Youth Club was approved in 2013 under the operational terms and conditions required by what was then the OSCAR/Out of school and recreational services body.  This is now managed by the MSD.  In 2015 many changes were made to the 'standard requirements' to be approved, whilst kidzshout was undergoing re-approval in 2016, I r have made the decision not to operate under those conditions as now set, with the best interests of you and your children. The standards to which kidzshout Youth Club follows in operational terms will still be aligned to the key requirements set by the MSD requirements and ongoing policies and procedures will be reviewed and undertaken if deemed as of value to the kidzshout Youth Club model. 
Payment in general. Please discuss with me to arrange any part payments; payment terms are detailed on your invoice and it is important that payments are cleared within a reasonable time frame, this can result in your child's placement being put 'on hold', although of course, this is an absolute last resort, I will always look to be flexible and helpful, communication is king here!  
Will be provided at the club with consideration of allergies and any requirements specified for your kid.   
It is an important part of the club philosophy that your kids are provided with nutritional, healthy, and through a visual presentation, a menu that will change to offer variety and attraction.
kidzshout do note promote that the kids bring lollies to the club after school.
Friday sessions offer and include a weekly trip for 'treat Friday' to the local dairy, so the kids don't miss out on this weekly tradition!  Kids are given $2.00 each to spend.
The Team members of the kidzshout Youth Club will be notified of any specific medical conditions.  Team members will be in general be allowed to administer first aid care.
There will be a minimum of 1 team member qualified in comprehensive first aid, and it is agreed they will manage all extreme medical situations.
General unwell/being.  
It is recognized by kidszhout Youth Club that our kids can in general be "under the weather", not feeling well in general from time to time.  We will operate on a mindful basis, to take care of any general situations, and provide a quiet area for your child to relax.  If appropriate we will contact you for immediate collection.
It is agreed that media will be used in a social capacity to capture and develop projects, activities. Media used will include e.g. I phone, I pad, Laptop, Projector, TV,  Wii, PS3/4 as an example.  Your consent that media and any project developed with the same can be used by the kidzshout Youth Club. for media purposes of the kidzshout Youth Club; publicity, distribution, marketing, newsletters.
Any damage to property as a cost will be the responsibility of the caregiver and invoiced accordingly.
Duty of care.
kidzshout Youth Club reserves the right to discuss and draw any necessary decision to cancel the attendance of your child at the club, for a reason that will be discussed with the caregiver. This will consider continued negative behavior, safety concerns, or factors of late payment issues, continued late collection, or any concern that kidzshout Youth Club deems to be of inappropriate or negative effect to the club's service operation.