kidzshout Youth Club has a fully detailed set of Operational Policies and Procedures including Safety Policies for the full care and welfare of your child. These policies are developed to NZ Youth Care provisory standards.  The  manual for all Operational, Procedures and Health and Safety Standards will be held at the venue or



Mission Statement: is "The kidzshout Youth Club revolves wholly around the abilities that our children have, to be creative and communicate, to develop and learn effectively, through variety and diversity, when managed in a fun, free, guided and supportive environment"!  

Service standard: wholly revolves around the understanding of individual strengths, and that the service provided will not be to promote conformity at the expense of “understanding” nor promote “leadership” but collaborative positive learning".

We offer a free-spirited but managed environment.  Our surroundings are key to the outdoor play where we have a large field for activities and an abundance of trees and forestry around the building which really encourages imaginative play, stories, and sketch/movie making ideas.


Our hall is typical of an old school Scout hall, but flick on some sparkly lights, fill it with a bunch of awesome kids, some fun, games, and laughter and it really is something quite special.  It also allows us, from not having to be too precious, a sense of freedom in the hall where the kids can scooter around, charge off their energy, use the infamous mat stack for entertainment, gameplay, or just sit on them and socialize together.


Opening hours. 

Monday to Friday 3 to 6 pm - Term times

Holiday Club - 8am - 6pm - Holiday times


Where are we?  

kidzshout as a community Youth Club will operate at 21 Meola Road renowned Scout Hall.


Getting to us. 

"We are the great escape from school!"

As the club is centrally located, it is an easy commute for the kids of Westmere/West Lynn and Pt Chevalier.

Westmere school collection - The kids meet together at 3 pm inside the school grounds at the Garnet Road exit from the school, by the playground where a team member can clearly sight and group the kids together.  It is a short walk down to the club.

Pt Chevalier school collection - collection to be arranged.

Our point of collection team member will be identified with a kidzshout Youth Club t-shirt and will hold a roll call prior to departure.  In the situation a child is missing, contact will be made school/caregiver to identify the whereabouts of the child.  

(Consent by parents can be given for kids to walk the short distance to the club on their own.  Please advise at the time of application).

Intermediate kidz are now joining kidzshout and they make their own way from Ponsonby, Pasadena, and St Peters and Kowhai schools, directly to the club.


Free Trial a complimentary meeting and trial with you and your kid prior to joining the kidzshout Youth Club is available, just let me know when is suitable!



A safety role will be taken at the point of collection and at the beginning of the session, communication will promptly 

follow any absentee concerns with carers, not already advised in advance.


Advance bookings are key to ensure the required safety of the children; kid to team member ratios, are maintained in conjunction with the stated business Policies and Procedures. 


Ratios The guidance is that ratios should be maintained as 1 team member to10 children at the club, 1:8 away from the club, and water/pool ratios as set by the Auckland Council.

Casual bookings are always welcomed but consideration of team members to child ratios is of priority.  


For any variance in ratios (last minute bookings) the activities will be planned considering safety first and manageability of any project or activity.  For example, only 10 children allowed outside at one time.



The kidzshout concept: Primarily the difference at kidzshout is that we really have created a club culture, where the kids really feel like they are part of this, and that they are a key factor to this.  It’s their club!


We offer a blended mix and focus on team, individual, or break out group activities.  We offer and roll out different project ideas and gameplay for them to get involved, some work for some and not for others, but this is where we are different, we do not promote conformity nor leadership, but encourage and camaraderie, positive play, confidence, and self-value.


The type of projects and activities range from life skills to performances, creatives to cooking, archery to music, dance to movie making, sports to self skills sessions.  We of course offer all of the standard arts/crafts, sports equipment, games, lego, for those that just want to do their own thing, nothing is compulsory and sometimes it really is just a tonne of fun that is made up in a moment!


Food Snacks.

Will be provided as part of your fee at the start of the session around 3.30 p.m.