1. Covid 19

  2. From 13 april    2022,  all of new zealand is now at traffic light orange

  3. Guidance for Social Service Providers in conjunction with general CPF Guidance; documentation is available for review of the policies and guidelines being adhered to under the current traffic light system and compliant to the guidelines as set BY the OSCAR foundation/MSD/HEALTH   & BUSINESS NZ .

  4. Food will be served outdoors under the Red/Orange light  system

  5. Food provided will be pre-packed and extra hygiene caution will be used for any food preparation.

  6. Any unwell child will be   requested for immediate collection.

  7. any parent/carer displaying symptoms  of being unwell can be asked if the have been tested and if not can be advised to get tested as soon as possible.  the health line no is 08003585453.

  8. Diligent cleaning  of surfaces  will be made at every session of the club.

  9. regular hand washing must be made  and cleaning of any equipment after use.

  10. indoor   space will be kept well ventilated