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Here's to you 2022 - important relocation update!

With great excitement, the kidzshout club will be relocating to the wonderful, spacious, Cox's Bay park and pavilion, Westmere/Herne Bay, Auckland.

We have enjoyed our first 6 years and around the pandemic, have managed to survive the past 2 years of Covid19, so it does feel like a revival of our club, with a new venue, a new park vibe, with enhanced amenities for our kids to thrive and enjoy.

From the playground, to sports fields, basketball, baseball/cricket nets, scootering and cycling, creek walks and even outdoor BBQ's.

Essentially the nature of our club remains the same, the hall "den" is smaller in size but it is out-thrown by the benefits of the outdoor surroundings and facilities. We remain as a free spirited club for your kids to thrive in an environment to enhance their imaginative play, independence, creativity. We promote only good and fair camaraderie, group play, individual play, an array of activities or projects for them to be involved, or just enjoy the fun and shenanigans that are always part of every session; kidzshout...